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S7ven Nare: My inspiration for music came at the age of 8 years. I saw my father playing vinyl records and thought the spinning of records was a game. When I heard the music being played, music like Bob Marley, Police and Queen, i got interested.

When i got older I saw that there were more styles of music like electronica and House. With House Music I fell in love and from that moment I started listening to House Music.

I wanted to become a DJ myself  but the fact that my parents did not have the resources to buy me music gear  made me sad. Two years went by when I saw Avicii for the first time and i said to myself I also want this. I could raise a couple euros and bought me a American Audio VMS4.1 mixer. Since I did not have much money to buy better gear i worked with DJ programs for the PCs like FL Studio.

I made a remix for Avicii in Paz and he liked it. I also did some editing for Bon Jovi and Eminem and they gave me a good review that made me think that I do it well.

My favorite genre today are House, Future House, Deep House and Future Bounce. I am also intersted in other genres like Electro House, Progressive House, Future Bass.

You can find my  soundcloud profile here.

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