Cesar Marcos

My name is Cesar and my artistic name is Cesar Marcos.
I’m from Spain and I live in Barcelona, I started with music with 13 years old in 1989, I started playing with vinyl, so I learned to mix old school, at that time I mixed dance, acid, electronica, trance psicotrance, Goa, and few others, at that time there were not as many styles as there are now.
In 1995, when I was 18 years old, I began to dedicate myself as a semi-professional DJ, mixing in local, private parties, afters, clubs. I’ve also been a wedding DJ for 3 years, as time went by I adapted to new technologies, new sounds, new musical sounds, I like to mix any style, techno, dark techno, techno house, deep house, deep techno, melodic deep house, electronic, acid, deep progressive, music is my great passion, I would like to dedicate myself to music 100% , I am producing songs with ableton live.llebo with music for 28 years, and I would like someday to dedicate myself as a professional DJ.


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